Born on November 7th, 1959, Max began playing guitar when he turned sixteen. Self taught in the study of the instrument, he played for many years with several bands. Still at an early stage in his musical career, Max developed another strong passion; basket. This latter passion didn’t allow him to make one distinct choice. Yet, destiny or luck played a role in 1994 presenting to him the opportunity to meet Nick Becattini, a well known and established Italian Blues man. From that moment onward Max realized that Blues was his music. In the following two years Max was invited to play alongside Nick Becattini in various of his concerts. In 1996 Max poured the foundations to create “Okahumkee”. The Okahumkee band kept on playing for approximately four years with the participation of Nick De Vita, bass player, with whom Max currently plays. These fours years are the formative years during which Max matures and comes to understand Blues music. During this period, despite their amateur status, they established themselves playing in about 120 concerts. The gratest statisfactions came along in 1997 playing with Eddie Floyd, sax man, in the “after hours” at the Bellinzona Blues Square and at the “Buonafiesta Festival” in the Vallese region. In 2000, Max contributed as a composer and as a solo guitar player in the Funky/Afro Labanda Yamamba band, band in which both Walter Carloni and Aldo Banfi played. In addition, Max perfomred at the Latin festival in Vezio, Switzerland, with Labanda Yamamba and thereafter had the fortune to open the concert for the great Papa Wemba. Max continued to paly in the following two years in numerous bands, among which the Crossfires band. Max met J.C. Harpo in 2003 with whom he founded the Midnight Train. With this band Max continued his muscial path, maturing as a musician and as a person. 2005 was a turning point, for Max is called to sit in on different stages at the Blues Square of Bellinzona. The experience of playing solo in front of 8000 people proves to be simply breathtaking. During these 3 days, various artists (Paul Lamb, Harprise) join Max to play on stage, in addition of being congratulated personally by Bob Margolin. Soon after, Max comes to realize that it is time to create his own band bearing his name. Among all the musicians that have influenced his style the greatest that have left a definitive mark are Duane Allman, followed by B.B. King, J. Winter, Robben Ford, and Dickey Betts. The ability to switch from an electrical guitar to an acousitc one without loosing a beat makes Max a versatile guitar player, capable of performing both an acoustic concert as well as an electric one. Last but not least, Max is an amateur singer who enjoyes experimenting new instruments such as mandolin or banjo.

On Stage With:
Papa George, Sweet Bev Perron, Nick Becattini, Mimmo Mollica Angela Brown, Baba Jack, Willie Murphy, Irvin Louis Lattin, Bobby Watson Shain Jones, Gavin James, Paul Lamb,Walter Calloni, J.T & The Clouds, Allison Russell, Vad Vuc, Hotel La Salle, Oscar Bauer Joe Colombo, Luca Nardi, Ken Johnson, Peewee Durante Luca Ghielmetti, Labanda Yamamba, THEM ( Van Morrison band ),Diaspro Jersey Julie, Dave Keyes, Mike Green Vad Vuc

OkahumkeeDemo 1999
Labanda YamanbaLive in Vezio 2000
Labanda YamanbaRSI live 2001
Max Dega & MidnightTrainLive 2003
With Pocafera BandJingle RSI 2005
MaxDega & MidnightTrainCrossroad Blues Festival DVD Live 2005
MaxDega & MidnightTrainLive at Pasinetti Gorduno 2005
Max Dega & Trouble No MoreBlues To Bop 2007 Live
With DiasproReal Nature 2009
With Vad Vuc (2 songs)La Parata Dei Secondi 2009
Max Dega Sweet Bev PerronLive in Switzerland 2010
Max Dega Sweet Bev PerronDemo 2012

Some Live Concerts:
Rapperswill Blues n Jazz Festival 2013, Open Air Dalpe, Piazza Blues Bellinzona 1997-2003-2005, Open Air Meride, Blues To Bop Lugano 2007-2010, Vallemaggia Blues 2012, Tenero Music Nights 2007-2010, Guitars Night Ticino, Lugano Blues Nights 2007 to 2013, Taco`s Lausanne, Broncos MC Bern, Open Air Giubiasco, Evel Rowdies MC Uznach, Filou San Gallo, Bonafiesta Festival ( VS ), Kulture Kreis Marbach, Toscana tour 2009 to 2013, Open Act Polo Hofer Ascona 2006,